This is a page dedicated to the wonderful music, made by Shivas Electronics

In the early days, two members of Shivas Electronics was practising guitarplaying. They tried to sing as well as they could. Not always did it sound enjoyable. Nevertheless they continued playing and singing.

Shivas has gone through many changes. From the beginning, as earlier mentioned, the Shivas members played acoustic guitar and sang. After a while they began recording their sessions, firstly on a common taperecorder. Later on they bought a Tascam Porta Studio taperecorder. With Porta Studio they could do their first "studiorecordings"

There might be a possibility that you can listen to some old songs from Shivas Electronics earlier days, if you take a look below. Here you can also find the lyrics from the early Shivas Electronics

Solong (Jorek)
I Will (Lotta)
I Shall Be Released (MaxB)
Greger and his Regrets (MaxB)



Title Lyrics Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
You're gone You're gone.txt You're gone
I do love you I Do Love You.txt I Do Love You I Do Love You unplugged
The Queen The Queen.txt The Queen 20091025
Dreaming Dreaming 2010-03-10
Be True To Yourself
earlier F G
Be True To Yourself F G
recorded 2002
Be True To Yourself
Actual workingcopy 2009
Be True To Yourself
Around, look around Around look around Around look around alt2 Around look around new in progress
Lord comes over the prarie Lord comes over the prarie
Here I am Here I am Here I am 20090518
Det är dig jag vill ha Det är dig jag vill ha Med gitarr 200701 Med Yamaha PSR-E303 200701 Med Cajon 200903
Som i sagan   En tryckare
Come On Everybody Come On Everybody Med Marre i kören
Smiling happily Smiling Happily Smiling happily
Ut på landet Ut på landet Ut på landet
Living on a tugboat Living on a tugboat Living on a tugboat ver7
I stadens parker I stadens parker I stadens parker 061126 I stadens parker 080805 I stadens parker 080806 feat Harmonica Mike
Goda vänner Goda vänner Ny
Vi ger aldrig upp Ger aldrig upp Ny låt
Kom Gunga Loss Kom gunga loss Ny "båtlåt" komp QY10
Förgänglighet Förgänglighet Bara gitarr Sång
Ut på havet Ut På Havet 20070416 Ny version
på gång 20080710
Jag vill hem Jag vill hem Ny 20070128
Genom dimman Genom dimman Ny 20070121
Älskar bara dig Älskar Bara Dig Älskar bara dig 061126
A few minutes later   *.all-fil 05-12-28 06-01-01
Babe I love you Babe I Love You
Drömmer om dig Drömmer om dig
En morgon när jag vaknade En Morgon När Jag Vaknade
En pojk En Pojk En Pojk
Hi Girl No Lyrics yet Hi Girl 061007 Hi Girl
one male singer 061009
Hi Girl
the final mix 061013
Flöde Flöde
Here I am Here I Am
Kom igen Kom Igen 060219
Mjukt blommar liden Mjukt Blommar Liden
Skönt att mötas igen Skönt Att Mötas Igen Skönt att mötas igen
Killer Killer Killer
Ut på promenad Ut På Promenad
If you leave me now If You Leave Me Now
Flask-ide med text Text hittills Lo-Fi sångtext från mp3-spelaren
Trångbodd Trångbodd Första improvisation
En dag i familjens liv Text saknas ännu En dag i familjens liv
En idiot som snart blir stor Idiot En idiot från 1987 En idiot från 1999


Title Lyrics Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
Black Cat Black Cat Old version Black Cat 2009
Going Going Old version New version 2009
Tillsammans igen Inte här ännu Max version 20070429
Hela Natten Hela Natten Max version 20070410 Max version 20081213
Watching The Rain Watching The Rain Max version 20070325 Max version 20070327
U Steal my heart Chords Max try
new song
(no guitar)
Max tries
now with guitar
Colors Colours Original -87 Mellotronskiss Band in a box-version
Feeling No lyrics yet Old version
Gypsy Woman Gypsy Woman 80-tal 20060318
Five Foot Mirror Five Foot Mirror Lo-Fi 20060614 20101212
Kyrkor och kapell Kyrkor och kapell
My time is now No lyrics yet Old version Last guitarsolo-part by MaxB
Wedding WeddingMa WeddingMa 2009


Title Lyrics Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
It's all here It's all here Its all here.mp3 2014-11-10
Julsång Längtans låga Old version utan sång 2014-11-10
Ingen hemlighet Ingen Hemlighet Older version Old version 2014-11-10
Kommer du ihåg Kommer Du Ihåg 2014-11-10
Mullereggae Mulle Reggae 2014-11-10
Sov med öppet fönster Sov Med Öppet Fönster Old version 2014-11-10
Pumpa på Pumpa På.doc PumpaPå Pumpa sing back


Title Lyrics Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
Mother sunrise   Med gitarr
This to, will pass   Med gitarr
Känn hur det känns     Med gitarr

Here's a link to nineteen selected recordings, during 2008-2009:

Best Of MaxB 2008-2009